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We have curated some exquisite solar application designs that will help you to ideate your dream solar design for your infrastructure. Browse our idea images and we will create custom designs for your site. All you need to do is dream big . Leave the rest to our experienced execution team which has commissioned more than 21 MW of solar power plants.

01. Residential

Solar panels can add an attractive and unique element to your roof that can really boost your home’s exterior appearance.

Greenergee’s modern photovoltaic designs add to the aesthetics of your homes. You can become an independent power producer and lower your electricity bills, increasing your use of renewable energy along the way.

02. Commercial

By becoming an independent power producer you can save up to 100% on your monthly electricity expenditure. Solar looks beautiful and our photovoltaic designs simultaneously blend with and add to the aesthetics of your office, school or any another structure.

03. Industrial

As the business owners, we’ll agree that the key aspects of running a successful business are to save costs, boost profitability, and increase your return on investment. Investing in solar energy plays a vital role in all these factors, as your business can save up to 100% on its monthly electricity expenditure with negligible maintenance & no recurring cost.

04. Utility Scale

A utility-scale solar power plant generates solar power and feeds it into the electric grid, supplying a utility with energy. Greenergee offers a complete range of Turnkey and Balance of System (BoS) solutions for these projects. Our solutions include design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management and operations and maintenance.

05. Agrivoltaics

The choice between using land for agriculture or using it for energy generation is a rising concern, and there are numerous pros and cons to choosing one over the other. Greenergee’s agrivoltaic solutions aid in developing the same area of land for both solar energy generation and agriculture, thereby increasing global land productivity from 35% to 73%. This results in better food production with greater water-use efficiency, and efficient solar power generation due to plant based understory.


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